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Car very noticeably vibrates at idle

2007 Hyundai Accent 84k miles with new oil, coils, and spark plugs.

For awhile now my car has vibrated heavily at idle, and even when driving it can be noticed in the steering wheel vibrating. I’m talking like when at idle, I can see things in my car vibrating, I feel it under my butt, and when accelerating fast enough my steering wheel vibrates. Is this an exhaust issue? Motor mounts? Not sure exactly where to start looking.

…and you continue to drive this thing? That’s a little crazy if you ask me. If a vehicle is vibrating at idle…there is something wrong under the hood. If the steering wheel vibrated it usually comes from the brakes or suspension.

I have images in my mind of the 3 Stooges driving some model T with the wheels and fenders falling off onto the ground and one of them is left there holding a steering wheel with no vehicle attached to it while Moe smacks someone in the back of the head.

That’s basically where you are headed… PLEASE go to a shop have them look at it. We cannot possibly diagnose a problem so widespread from our computers. For the safety of yourself and others…please go to a shop… asap

Mounts would be a good first check but even with bad mounts it shouldn’t shake a lot if it is just in park .

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Sounds typical for an older compact car with worn engine mounts. If you replace the mounts buy quality engine mounts or you will not be satisfied with the idle quality.


I cant argue that engine mounts are a place to look into… but even bad mounts wont produce the vibrations described here like @vipergg mentions …shaking the steering wheel? Shaking the drivers seat? In park at idle? Whoa man…

Bad motor mounts and multiple engine misfires maybe… but something is seriously awry here and the OP obviously is not too car savvy.

I second my first recommendation that they go to a shop asap… this isn’t safe… for anyone.

My guess would be that one or more cylinders has low compression, causing the engine to idle/run rough. Is the check engine light on by any chance?

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No CEL. Car runs great. I brought up exhaust because I feel the vibration in my pedals which I know is sometimes a symptom of exhaust leaks.

The car has been vibrating for months, the wheel only shakes at high speeds, relax grandpa.

I’ll come back with my findings in the next week and if this is anymore than exhaust leak or motor mounts, I owe you a steak dinner.

You came to an open forum with what sounds like serious problem . You have let it go for far longer than you should . Just because someone does not agree with your lack of concern is no reason to call them out.


I’m always relaxed and I’m no grandpa, so no life adjustments are needed on my side of the fence…Boy.

Perhaps you should describe your problem in a more accurate manner. From your description it sounded like things were vibrating at idle including the steering wheel.

Next week while we are eating the steak that you paid for, you can tell me about how you had to have the front wheels balanced on top of the exhaust leak and motor mounts replaced. You might even tell me that since the front wheels were out of balance for so long…that the tires needed to be replaced because of cupping, as well as new struts because the seals blew out while trying to keep unbalanced tires square on the road…but they just couldn’t hold out any longer.

I’m partial to Porterhouse say…3 inches thick or thereabouts.


Perhaps he wants the money that he paid me for my time and sage advice returned to him @VOLVO_V70 … you know how these kids are today. They think they can return just about anything…and insult just about anyone.

I just don’t see where he came up with the “Grandpa” portion… Maybe it was because I was concerned with his…and our safety, but that isn’t an age related characteristic, so I’m at a loss I suppose.


Unfortunately, “owing” and actually delivering are 2 separate states of intent and behaviour. Alas he chose to say he’ll owe you, not buy you.

And don’t tell me a pedant doesn’t belong on an internet forum.

Indeed and Indubitably Mr Holmes…

I can assure you that I labored under no false pretense in regard to the veil thin internet promise of Bovine sustenance proffered as a goodwill gesture. The receipt of which based solely upon the veracity, preponderance and application of my incomparable, nay, infallible automotive counsel. I fully expect exactly the same amount of payment as has been traditional within the great halls of this forum… I expect…precisely … nothing Sir.

Good Evening

Motor mounts.
Misfiring sparks/timing.
I think u could get lucky and not be too $, but I don’t wanna jinx ya :slight_smile: (knock on wood)

07 accent? At least it’s not a dodge.

Idk, when I had my 2012 Kia Optima (Hyundai and Kia share a lot) it really felt like a bad torque converter, like out of balance or something. But never shook while at high speeds and got worse when engine was stressed by A/C and had everything in the A/C side checked. I’d check the transmission fluid level and the spark plugs for any signs of misfire, mine would seem to misfire or jolt suddenly when accelerating very randomly and hard to recreate. And no, Kia “checked” for the engine recall, however just listening through the dipstick won’t always show that they made crappy bearings and engines, so to them the recall wasn’t the issue.