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Vespabretta - The House of Restored Vespa, Lambretta,

HOME OF CLASSIC SCOOTERS; Restored Vespa,Lambretta, Royal-Enfield; vintage vespa, lambretta, Royal-enfield; vespa, lambretta, royal-enfield spares and parts; restored Gp200

Renowned for perfect Lambretta, Vespa and Royal Enfield restorations through out the world, Vespabretta offers, world-wide Lambretta parts, Vespa parts, Royal Enfield parts & Services, Lambretta / vespa scooters, Lambretta / vespa / Royal-Enfield sales, Lambretta / vespa / Royal-Enfield servicing, Lambretta repairs, Lambretta accessories, Lambretta /vespa / Royal-Enfield books, Lambretta / vespa / Royal-Enfield badges, full Lambretta / vespa / Royal-Enfield body-work facilities, chroming, powder coating, polishing, plating, tyres, all posted fast to any location in the world, free advice & friendly service, are just some of the things we offer you and your scooter. We have Vespa’s Gp’s, Royal-Enfield and Lambretta’s to the specifications you want from 50 C.C. TO manufacturer specified maximum. With and without Disc brakes from Lambrettas 225 to 250 performance kits from Ts1 to Rapido 250, for a real Lambretta and Gp lover who wants a little bit extra and much more from his bikes. To many, new scooters have never been able to recreate the look and elegance of a classic Vespa or Lambretta or vintage Royal-Enfield. It is only now that European, Australian, New Zealand and American collectors and dealers are finding their way to us to source our products. In fact, we at VESPABRETTA are exporting our classic scooters in the exclusive market of Italy