Very Wet FloorBoard ~ Driver's ~ What Is This?

1998 Dodge Caravan ~ Just purchased from Private Party ~ no maintenance records ~ I have no sense of smell ~ assistance please, no criticism ~ only constructive advice. I am 65 yrs. old and feel I got a fair deal at $1,400.00. The fluid the towel soaked up is fairly clear. Thanking you in advance.

I neglected to tell you, at the center console, left side, between the gas pedal and the console; that is wet also. Hope this helps? Thank you, again.


Ugh. Well, Sandra, here’s what you can do. Get everything as dry as you possibly can. Towels, hair dryer, the whole nine yards. Then roll up the windows, close the doors, and spray the area around the windshield with a garden hose. Spray the perimeter of the windshield for a minute or two, go inside and have a cup of tea, and then come back out and check your floorboards. If they’re soaking wet again, it’s just a windshield leak.

If they’re still dry, you need to open the hood and check the coolant level. You are afraid of what I am suspecting, and I am suspecting that you’re going to find the level to be low because the heater core is bad.

Here’s hoping that it is just the windshield leaking. Even then, you need to either get it fixed, or be handy with the towels, because when it starts warming up a little, that warm, moist environment will become a breeding ground for mold and all sorts of stuff that you do not want in your lungs. Good luck!

Does your Dodge have air conditioning? If so, there is a small drain tube under the car near the firewall (the bit that separates the passenger compartment from the engine compartment.) This tube allows condensation from the A/C to drain out. If the tube is clogged, the condensation can leak into the passenger compartment.

To fix this, take a piece of weed-eater line, and stick it up the tube a few times - it will dislodge any debris, and hopefully will solve your problem.

Of course, if this doesn’t fix it, then Mr. Josh’s suggestions should be followed.

Is it wintery where you are?

It could simply be someone who did not clear their boots off enough and the water has not had a good chance to dry out.

Dear Mr. Josh,

Thank you so much. 1Proctor advises your suggestions if his simple one is not what it is. And I sure wish it had been as simple as Andrew1 suggested.

It is not the windshield leaking. The coolant reservoir which had been 3/4 full after I had added extended life coolant was nearly bone dry. I cannot see any fluid in the radiator.

The owner’s manual (got it & Chilton’s off eBay) said to run the engine with the heater going full blast for several minutes after adding coolant. I never knew that. But, I had read it & did what it said.

So, I refilled the reservoir and waiting to hear more from you’all. And reading the Chilton Guide for this Caravan.

According to some neighbors, we have some reliable mechanics in this area and know that I will now need to get their help. Boy, if it was the water pump all the belts have to come off, including the timing belt ~ and the tools, one must have ~ good grief.

Thank You,

Dear 1Proctor,

Thank you so much ~ if I am able I will check this small drain tube. Couldn’t hurt? And if not me, a real mechanic.

Dear Andrew1,

Wish it had been as simple. No, it isn’t wintery, as in several feet of snow. But it is getting cold for us Floridians.

Thank You

It would be helpful if you could find someone with a fair sense of smell to help limit the possibilities.

Dear Joseph E. Meehan,

A friend just smelled the soaked towel from the floor and smelled the sweet smell of coolant and the fluid has a light color to it (green as is the coolant)