Very, very deep scratch

About a month ago, I noticed how scratches had developed on my trunk, roof, and hood. I got those buffed and detailed out today. However, here’s what I saw afterward—right next to the right headlight, there is a very deep scratch that is probably an inch in size. Beneath the light is a scratch that’s in the shape of a line.

Now—the detailer says it was already there. I was unaware of this being present when I brought it in today and I feel like I would have noticed it. But last week we did have heavy snow, and when clearing ice/snow off of the car some ice did slide off (a little over a week ago. So it’s plausible. And it’s possible that this could have happened and I missed it. However, is it possible that the equipment that’s being used to do buffing and what was improperly used and caused what I see here?

Second question. HOW do I get this out? I mean—completely out.

That scratch will have to be lightly sanded, then painted/clear coated with an airbrush.


Yep, agree. Looks like maybe the paint is not adhering real well. But needs to be sanded, primed, color coat, clear coat, sanded with 2000 grit paper and then polished again. A body shop can do that but they may want to do a larger section while they’re at it. I don’t see how a buffer would have done that though unless the large one was a burn through the paint, but I guess anything is possible.