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Transmission fluid seepage

At my last oil change, the dealership said my transmission fluid was seeping or leaking. How do I identify where that’s happening and can I fix it myself?


Most likely one of the transmission cooler lines is leaking. These lines will run from the transmission to the radiator.

If one of those lines have rusted through it could leak.

Inspect those lines for leaks…


Did they not offer a remedy for this leak? If it is from the transmission pan seal and if is is not dripping you might just wait until your next transmission service when it will be resealed as part of the service.

The next time something like this is mentioned ask to be shown what they are talking about. If this was a dealership they almost have to document everything no matter how minor.

Thanks, I’ll check that!

@Navada, no, they just said I should get it looked at soon. Thanks!

@Volvo, thanks. They did document it on the report. But I’ll be sure to have someone show me next time.

If they said you should get it looked at soon, I wouldn’t wait until my next oil change. Head on back and ask if they would show you where it was/is.

@oldcarsrbest, Sounds like a good idea, thanks.