Very low power in drive. And won't reverse

Please help…
I parked my Blazer, and went to drive it next day and it starts find but I had to push pettle to floor to move only a little bit. And won’t reverse.

Check the level/color/smell of the transmission fluid.



When you push the gas pedal to the floor does the engine speed pick up a lot? If the engine speeds up and the car barely moves your transmission has a problem. If the engine speed does not change something else is going on. If the engine speeds up but the car does not move the shift linkage may have broken or is out of kilter. But more likely your transmission has a problem with its fluid, burned or leaked out. Have you noticed any problems recently? Has the Blazer been sluggish or the engine seem louder and hard to accelerate? Tell us more about it, what year, how many miles on it, any work done on it recently, is the check engine light on? The more you tell us the more we can help you.

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Thank you for your quick response! Yes the engine does speed up. And it was slipping a little.

Check your parking brake.

Sounds like the transmission is dying; or dead.

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