Vent diverter is stuck on vent only?

I have a 2001 Mistubishi galant the a/c and heater work great, it’s just the knob that diverts from vent to defrost, floor, mix, is stuck on the vent position and I sometimes need it to defrost or warm my feet. The knob itself is literally stuck on the vent setting, it will not turn to any other setting. Is there a quick fix, or do I have to replace the whole (temp., speed, setting control console).

I don’t know the Galant at all so if no one here does, you might try a Galant or Mitsu board. Usually the dash bits come of by gentle prying on the panels. Your best bet might be to get a replacement at a salvage yard. They may only sell the whole “console” or maybe they will sell just the switch. If you are really lucky, they will allow you to watch while they pull it off.