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Vehicular resuscitation

I have a 1991 subaru legacy stationwagon. 140,000 miles. It was running great in 2004 but was left to sit for several years unused. I am wondering about getting it up and running again. Any insights on where I should start or if I should.

Everything under the hood looks good, am considering removing oil pan and cleaning then running a cleaner(kerosene) through the system to clean and lub the cylinders.

Empty gas tank and run some cleaner(suggestions) through the fuel system.

Any thoughts or advice?

Don’t run kerosene through the oil system. Just change the oil with a good quality oil. Even old oil doesn’t varnish up like gasoline. It’s the gasoline that you should worry about. Empty the gas tank, and refill with fresh gas and a good cleaner like Techroline. Hopefully, the gas in the injector lines hasn’t varnished up a clogged the system. Then, you’ll have fuel lines and injectors to replace.

Long ago it was okay to mix motor oil and kerosene 50/50 and run the car until it reached operating temp. Worked well in my '65 Corvair; you wouldn’t believe the sludge that came out. Used a new oil filter during and after this. Don’t know if this is kosher with today’s cars. DO NOT USE STRAIGHT KEROSENE!!!