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Variable speed wiper switch for 2010 Corolla LE?

My 2010 Corolla LE has a single speed wiper switch which is nearly useless for all but one level of rain conditions. I asked the dealer about changing it to a variable speed switch, and they said it wasn’t available. Afterwards I noticed the instructions in my manual are ONLY for a variable speed control, so my question is whether anyone has it or knows if it was or wasn’t on option.

Your post is puzzling. I have always assumed that every new car for the past half-century came with at least two-speed wipers. Most also have an adjustable delay control as well. If your owner’s manual says you have these controls, then you certainly do. Unless the factory made a mistake.

The problem is that you asked a car salesman. These guys don’t know nothing. Check with the service manager instead. Likely he will show you how to operate all the controls of the wipers.

Finally, a factory mistake is not out of the question. If you think your car is such a specimen, contact Toyota regional headquarters, customer service, to inquire about a free upgrade.

The only wiper switch that I can find for your model is a 2 speed one. I would call your nearest Toyota dealer parts department. They should know.

I assume that you are complaining that the corolla has only one intermittent speed for the wipers and that you have two continuous running speeds. I have the same issue with my 2009 model. If you search this website, , I can recall seeing a thread with pictures to explain the conversion to multiple intermittent settings. I think the only change was the switch assembly. Good Luck.

Sorry, I should have said I have single speed intermittent control. Markmast has the right idea. I did mention this to the service manager (again today), with the same response. While waiting for service I walked around the lot and noticed their 09 & 10 Camry’s have the variable speed control, with what looks to be the same steering column and light/wiper stalks, but they still didn’t cotton to the suggestion that the Camry wiper arm might fit Corollas too. I’ll check out the toyotanation link. Thanks.

I found the thread with info.