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2009 toyota tacoma w/o intermittent windshield wiper

Just bought this and was surprised to find the wiper system with this and in fact is an option. Any advice from the experts here on what I can do to upgrade the wiper control arm to include intermittent capability? Toyota won’t touch it to upgrade for some reason. It only has Hi, Low, Washer, Off.

Some years back, I remember that J.C. Whitney offered a kit that could be wired in and would allow an intermittent mode. It was an aftermarket addition and had a knob under the dashboard, so it obviously didn’t look like the original equipment. I don’t know if it is still available as I haven’t looked in a J. C. Whitney catalogue in years. I think that the J.C. Whitney catalogues may be available online and I have seen them in the magazine section of bookstores.

At least your Toyota wipers have 2 speeds. I remember some cars that had only 1 speed electric wipes. My 1947 Pontiac had interval wipers. These wipers were vacuum operated and only wiped the windshield during the interval that I would let up on the accelerator.

I would think you could purchase the parts needed for this from Toyota and install it. The wiring should be in place already and you may just need the module and a new switch with the delay section added in.

If Toyota is still using the approach of putting everything under the steering column cover like they used to you may have to remove the airbag to get at this. That may be why they don’t want to do the upgrade.

I have no suggestion beyond those already offered, but I thought the oint was important enough to post. If you decide to do surgery on the steering column, be aware that you’ll need to deactivate the airbag. A manual will give you instructions.

I just happened to go to the J.C. Whitney website and this switch kit is still available. On the site, go to windshield washer switches. The unit mounts under the dash and will delay the sweep from 2 to 20 seconds. There are two models available. One costs $18.95 plus shipping and the other costs $21.99.

I have no idea how well they work and it is obviously an add-on accessory. I could personally live without intermittent wipers, but this may be an inexpensive way to get a feature that you want.