Possessed Wipers

I have a 2009 Acura TL SH-AWD Tech.

Here is the scenario. I turn my wipers on intermittent mode, and randomly they start going full speed. Then they keep going back and forth between full speed and intermittent while I am driving every 30 seconds to two minutes or so. When they do go back to intermittent, they stop at a random location on my windshield. When I turn them off, they go back to full speed and eventually after 30 seconds to 2 minutes stop in a random position on my windshield, usually blocking my vision. If I try to turn them back on they go back to full speed, and it doesn’t matter what mode I have them in, they go full speed and continue after I turn the switch off, and will eventually stop at a random location again. After enough try’s, they finally park in a location where they are not blocking my vision and stay there until I have to turn them on again. However, when I start the car they turn back on even though I never touched the switch and after 30 seconds to 2 minutes stop at random again.

I have been to the dealer 3 times, and every time they say the switch is bad and they replace it. Every time they replace it, it starts happening again after a month or two. Now the dealer says they are no longer covered under the warranty, and all they can do is replace the switch again at my expense.

Any clue what the problem could be? This is really really annoying. It sometimes takes a good 10 minutes to get them to stop somewhere that doesn’t block my vision after starting the car. And I am not willing to pay for a 4th switch when the last 3 didn’t solve this.

So when you first had this problem - the vehicle was under warranty?? If so, they haven’t as yet fixed it; and this problem is still covered under warranty. They don’t get to band-aid it till the warranty ‘runs out’ and then tell you ‘tough luck.’

You might have to have a discussion with an attorney. Give a couple a call. They can be very helpful.

It also sounds like it IS the switch. Since every time you had the switch replaced; it was ‘fixed’ for about 1 month. Now, what the dealer didn’t do - is diagnose and find out what underlying problem/issue exists - that is destroying the switch. That is his bad. If you purchased the vehicle new - it might also be covered under the ‘lemon’ law…

A fair amount of attorneys will give 30 minutes free consultation time; look at paperwork; discuss options; etc. Talk to the dealer again. If they don’t wish to resolve this; look up more details on lemon laws; and have a conversation with lawyers on your options.

My guess is you’ve got a bad wire or a connection problem. That’s why when they put the switch in it works for a while. The first thing on the diagnostics list is to check the computer for codes and then if none replace the switch. I guess I’d open the panel on the steering column up and start working the wires while the wipers are on and see if you can recreate the problem. The book also calls for checking the pins on the connectors. If you take it in though, all they’ll probably do is replace the switch again unless you talk to them about further diagnosis.

I suggest you try to find out if this is a common issue with your model. There may be a known fix for it you can use to really fix the problem. Off hand I would think perhaps the wiper may be drawing excessive current and that is damaging the switch. The motor current draw should be checked at the fuse for it. You also may want to take the car to a shop that specializes in electrical repairs. They might be able to pin things down.