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Vapor Lock

I have a 2003 Toyota Corolla. After running the engine “hot”. I fill up the gas tank, and then try starting it. It is VERY hard to start. I have to give it gas, (hold down pedal) like as if it were an old car with a carberator starting first thing in the morning.It will start after doing this. The car has 137,000 miles on it, I just purchased it, and it appears to have been well taken care of. Please advise what this is, and what fix could be performed, and is this leading to something bigger needing attention/repair. thank you, Eric BTW- I can run car for 30 seconds after this, shut off car, and it starts like a top!!

You need to have the fuel system checked. Do you stop filling at the first click? Overfilling can sometimes do this. I’ve also heard of a weak fuel pump doing it.

Lets make some testes Try just adding a few gallons and see if the same “hard start” condition exists.

If it only happens when you fill to the first “click” raw gas is probably getting pushed into the charcol canister and then introduced into the engine.

I believe there are several bullitens about Toyota vapor recovery failures.

A cheap fix would be to just not fill so full.

yes stop at first click. thanks

thanks, I guess it probably isnt anything to be concerned with then.

When the accelerator is held to the floor while the starter is turning the engine the fuel injectors don’t operate. The computer goes into CLEAR FLOOD MODE.