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Two Problems: Fueling and accelerating

I have a 2001 Toyota Corolla with a manual transmission. There are two things going on. I’m not sure if they’re related, but I thought I’d disclose all information in case they are.
When I’m fueling, the automatic shut off triggers after a few seconds. When I try to reengage it and hold the pump manually, it overflows. This forces me to squirt a little bit at a time and let it flow into the tank so it doesn’t overflow. I have tried a few gas stations with the same results.
The other issue is when I need to accelerate from a stop sign, light or just stopped in traffic. I start out in first gear and the gas doesn’t seem to engage until I really rev the engine. It’s almost like nothing is happening. Most of the time I get out of the starting blocks ok. Some of the time, it’s like I’ve popped the clutch and the engine turns off. I’d be comfortable with taking the blame for being a crappy standard driver, but I have been able to drive all my other standards with no issue.
Any clues?

The refueling problem might be caused from a restricted Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system.

How this works is, as you despense gas into the gas tank, the flow of gas creates a venturi effect in the fill tube. This venturi effect forces air into the gas tank to pressurize it so the fuel vapors are forced into vapor recovery system. If any part of the vapor recovery system is restricted the gas tank gets pressurized and the gas comes shooting out the fill neck.

Have the vapor recovery system inspected for any restrictions. There have been reports where spiders have formed webs and laid egg sacs in these systems causing the restriction.

The stalling problem might caused from a faulty throttle position sensor. This sensor tells the computer the throttle position. And from that information the computer determines how much fuel to add to the engine when stepping on the accelerator.


I’m a bit confused; does the engine turn off or does it not engage (move the car forward) unttil you really rev it?

To me it sounds like your clutch is going.

I agree with Tester 100% on the refueling problem.