Van won't go into D2, cna you tell me why?


I was attempting to put my van into D2 to get up a slippery hill (not even sure D2 was the best option). I drive an 02 Honda Odyssey van. It would not move to D2 before the hill, nor once I was in my garage on flat ground. I had the tranny replaced last summer. It has 148,000 miles on it. Do you know what is wrong???


If it’s shifting okay otherwise, the linkage is probably out of adjustment.


just curious. did it go into D2 prior to this? especially since the rebuild?

when is the last time you consciously used D2?

i wonder if it has worked since the rebuild? (not D2 itself, but the gear shift lever in this selection)


Are you sure that it’s SUPPOSED to go into D2? Are you talking about the SHIFT LEVER not going into D2? Or, are you talking about the transmission not shifting into 2nd gear? Many automatic transmissions won’t go into the selected gear until the vehicle has the speed for that gear.


This is a double post. Still waiting for her (“single mom”) to answer questions posed on either post.