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Van/RV Travel

The young couple (Vanna) going to take a year off and travel Mex, US and Canada need to be wary of Mexican travel.

they really must do alot of homework before before venturing south. Stay in US and Canada!

wow, I totally agree----keep to the north and enjoy everything this country has to offer. I have always wanted to take a year off and do this—I also wanted to go to all the car shows (street rods) in the northern states in the spring, summer and fall and all of them in the south in the winter. Some day before I die, hopefully I will get there. Also, by staying in the USA, the “money” stays here. In Colorado alone there are at least a “million” great things to see and do. But, no matter where they go, we hope they have a safe, fun, and great trip!!! lindab Brighton CO

I have to agree also. Stay in the US and Canada if you want to remain safe. Bandits are alive and well in Mexico.

Buy a car/truck and an Airstream or other tag along camper. They are very comfortable and when you get someplace (camp ground/WalMart Parking Lot, etc) you can unhitch and go someplace for dinner. There will be times when you want to see other people.

I took my 8 and 5 year old on a cross country camping trip (we set up a tent) years ago so I know whereof I speak!

Get a CB radio to talk with truckers - they are a font of information and points of interest. they will also save you if you have a breakdown! I know whereof I speak!

Have a great time. The kids won’t remember it … but you will! And what a great experience!

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