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See the USA in my .....?

What…what should I get to wander the US? I am close to fulfilling my dream of driving across country truly gunkholing by car since I’m such a bad sailor. Any ideas of a good, NOT expensive, used? car that would be good for such an adventure? I was kinda hoping for a Vanagon or very small rv but don’t see either…but if someone knows of any let me know! Of course gas mileage is pretty critical as well…maybe I should stay home :frowning:

Since you don’t have a schedule, and are by yourself, almost anything will do. However, to enjoy your trip, stay away from anything with Volkswagen written on it, unless you are a mechanic by trade.

Some travel in the summer and drive a compact car and have a tent to pitch at campsites; or stay in bed & breakfast when they want a comfortable night’s sleep.

Years ago I helped a German exchange student who finished his studies here, and wated to tour North America before returning to Europe. I bought him a 6 cylinder, 2 door Pontaic, with stick shift, power nothing, in reasonably good shape for a few hundred dollars.

He stayed a YMCAs, tent camped and used B & Bs as needed. In late October he called me back just before leaving and said he had travelled 32,000 miles across Canada and the USA, and sold the car for $100 less than he paid. I asked him if he had any trouble, and he reported only a $28 fix in the gearshift!

A small van or hatchback style car, and a sleeping bag is probably the way to go, but pack a tent, a small camp stove and an electric cooler in the backseat; there are many great campsites to be enjoyed. Stay away from anything with too many opitions, like my German friend did.

Howdy, i have an 90 grand voyger that i travel from OR to NE several times each summer. The van gets 23 mph and keeps everything dry. I use a 4"foam pad an a sleeping bag. an it makes like a small boat cabin. Great help is the truck stops for showers. I would suggest a van over a small car as the sleeping is never in the rain as years ago when we used tents an cars. These old vans are in most junk yards if ya need parts along your trip. Have a wonderous adventure. If ya get a chance see Stienburgs museum outside of Montery CA - the green pickup and camper he an Charlie used to do his road trip in the early 60s is on display… makes my van seem huge. As he said in his book when so many asked “take me with you”.

I regularly camp out of the back of my truck. I have a 99 ranger; regular cab, 4 cyl, 5 speed man, 2-55 a/c. It gets great gass milage if you baby it; I can get 30+ mpg highway, 26+ if I have the atv in the bed (an old beat up 4x2 250cc bayou) with my other gear.

I got a truck-bed-tent for a birthday gift and despite my thinking they were junk (previously I would have never bought one), it is actually quite nice. It really makes a difference when it has been raining for a few days and the ground is swampy, no need to search around for a dry spot. I actually would recommend one: