Van not moving when I drive

We tried to figure out what is wrong with my van. We changed the transmission filter, changed the fuel filter and replaced the battery. When I drive I have the gas pedal all the way to the floor and only go about 10 mph. The engine shakes causing the whole vehicle to vibrate. I can’t climb hills or keep it running.

Spark plugs & wires?

Check the fuel pressure - you have to do this with a gauge, not just look to see if fuel squirts from the rail. It has to be within the pressure specs for this van.

Unless you’re flooring it and the engine is revving up really high while you’re not going anywhere. In that case you likely need a new transmission.

If you can floor the motor while it is in drive, and hear the motor rev up, you need to replace your torque converter in your transmission. The part costs like 150 bucks or less.