Valve job or new head?


Ford F-250 300 Straight 6. My mechanic said valve job on #5 cylinder. A new head is only $250 with core charge. Should I get a valve job or just have the head replaced?


On that cast iron thing a valve job would do, but not if the total cost of the job is nearly the same. A remanufactured complete head sounds good.


No brainer here . . get the new head. Wanna bet that with a valve job (only on #5?) you’d be tearing it apart later for other problems? New head. Rocketman


It’s six of one; half a dozen of the other.
Head resurfacing and valve job runs about 125 here on a 6 cylinder head.
A properly redone head should last the life of the truck.


Personally I wouldn’t pull a head just to have a valve job done on ONE cylinder. I’d have the a complete valve job done along with milling it smooth.

For $100 more the new head is a better deal. Springs, valves, valve guides are all new…