Oil on Spark Plugs, what does this mean?

I bought my 1999 Camry CE with 84K miles in for an oil and spark plug change. The mechanic told me that there was oil on the spark plug and the valve gasket needs to be changed. Is this true that oil on the spark plug means that the valve gasket has to be changed and what should it cost? The mechanic said that he would change it for $100 if I buy the valve gasket kit. Is this reasonable? Also, what would happen if I don’t change it? Thanks

Yes. The valve cover gasket set requires replacing.

At the bottom of each sparkplug well on the valve cover are round seals. These seals prevent oil from leaking into the sparkplug wells in the valve cover. When one of these seals fails, it fills the sparkplug well with oil. And that’s what your mechanic is talking about.

He/She sounds like someone you can trust. They diagnosed it correctly, and the price is about right for this repair.


oh! I see oil on the PLUGS. AH!(perfect) just never said which side,you tricky devil. so this could never been answered properly.