Value of 120000 checkup

Is it worth spending $1,000 on 120,000 mile check up on a 2000 Subaru Outback with 126,000 miles?

Need a list of what you are getting at this “check up”. Ask the mechanic or dealer what they are recommending and compare this to the maintenance schedule in your owners manual.

If it includes timing belts, it probably is.

If you are a Subaru Dealer, you bet! For $1000, just what exactly do they check?

I would hope they would drain and flush every drop of fluid in the car, and replace every rubber belt and hose including the brake hoses and all the vacuum hoses…

But maybe they did all that at the 100K checkup…How much did THAT ONE cost you??

The only key item is the timing belt that should have been done at 105k miles. The 120k is same as 60k. $1000 is nearly twice of a typical 60k service even at a dealer. I just had my 60k done for <$400 on a Subaru WRX with more expensive and difficult to change spark plugs.

If you future is limited with this car the timing belt is the only key maintenance items besides oil changes.

As others have implied, the 120k service is not a “check-up” as much as it is a replacement of every fluid, every filter, and possibly also the spark plugs. There should also be checks of items like axle boots. However, all of this should cost half–or less than half–of the amount that you were apparently quoted.

Unless the timing belt was not changed at 105k as it should have been, then there is no way that the 120k service should cost anywhere near that price.

The ultimate question regarding this service is really–Do you want the car to be around for the next major service at 150k? If the answer is yes, then the service should be done, albeit at a much lower price if it does not include the timing belt.

Your next task is to tell us what your mechanic plans to do for that $1,000.

Look in the owner’s manual, look at the maintenance schedule, see what actually needs to be done. Make a list. Take it to a non-dealer, non-national chain repair shop, show them the list, they will probably scratch off several items based on not being necessary.

I have never liked service being refered to as a 120K or a 60k. I always had to look on the sheet to tell what to do.

Schedule is here ->>>

Basically change brake fluid, coolant, engine oil,spark plugs,fuel filter REQUIRED. The balance are inspections including transmission fluid and diffs.

Get something for your money. For all my Subarus, as well as friends with Subarus, we do the 100k major maintenance and replacements. My last one (1999) was oil change, coolant flush, brake line flush, timing belt, cam belt, other belts, plugs, plug wires, tranny clean-out w/filter, tune-up, all coolant hoses, new pcv, air and fuel filters, valve cover gaskets, water pump('cause they’re in there), and front crank seal. Paid $825. I’m reading off the invoice. So check the work list and do the ballpark inflation math. Look at it this way. Doing all this stuff gets you back somewhere near square one. Then its just routine maintenance again.

If you have an automatic and plan to go another 100k, you should probably expect to replace the transmission not too far down the line. (Probably) On my 2000 Subaru that quotes at $2,600. this year. For the tranny, go to an independent who is recommended by a mechanic you trust, as in “So Al, where would you take your car?”.