2005 Subaru Outback @ 90,000 miles

Hi, I just got my 2005 Subaru Outback 3.0L checked at a mechanic shop (patsimportauto.com/). I was told I need a 90,000 maintenance (I’m at 92k) and new spark plugs (I’ve never replaced them). I was quoted somewhere between $850 - $950. Does this seem appropriate? Is this a worthwhile investment if I plan to keep the car for another year or two?

Thanks in advance!

COmpare what services they propose to what your Owner’s Manual calls for.
Only extra things I would suggest is change trans fluid/oil and brake fluid.

"I was quoted somewhere between $850 - $950. Does this seem appropriate?"
This quote is about twice as much as many dealerships would charge for the 90k service, e.g.–WAY too much.

"Is this a worthwhile investment if I plan to keep the car for another year or two?"
Only if you expect the car to start, run, and accelerate properly, and to get the best possible gas mileage!

I suggest that you get quotes from a few other mechanics, as well as a Subaru dealership. Just be sure that all of the quotes are for the exact same list of maintenance procedures. Make a copy of the maintenance procedures listed in the mfr’s maintenance schedule for 90k miles, and get several quotes.

It does sound a bit high but that could also be due to locale which appears to be Bend, OR. Generally the east and west coasts are higher than the midsection.
Exactly what is being done during this service is also a factor so knowing what is being recommended might help in formulating an opinion.

The 90k miles service is a major one (and yes, those plugs are overdue) but I would hope this price is not due to unneeded flushes or an overpriced and unneeded BG chemical treatment and things of that nature.

The interpretation of what constitutes a 90k miles service can vary among shops. Some things should be done more often than the manual may require. (Transmission fluid changes on automatics, valve lash inspections, and so on.)

I would call the Subaru dealer for 2nd quote.

Honestly if it was me and I were only keeping another 1yr+ I would change out the air filter, oil, and transmission fluid and then drive on.