30,000 mile maintenance requirement

I have a 2007 Subaru Outback Station Wagon with 27000 miles. The Subaru dealer would like me to take my car in for a 30,000 mile maintenance job which will cost $500. I think that is outrageous even though they change all fluids, check the brakes, rotate the tires, check the belts, etc. Checking belts and all the other checking of course is necessary, but is it really necessary to change all the fluids? if not then, when would it be necessary to change all the fluids?

Arthur White

Preventive maintainence.
Do you avoid brushing your teeth because you don’t see a problem…today ?

The car and the fluids in it are probably close to 4 years old. At that age and mileage they need to be changed as fluids do become contaminated and break down; chemically speaking.

You do not have to have this service performed at the Subaru dealer. A good independent shop can do all of this.

In the modern world, flat rate charges per hour are fairly high even at ind. shops and it doesn’t take long to hit 500 dollars anymore. This would be especially true on the east or west coasts where labor rates can meet and even well exceed a 100 dollars per hour.
Even here in less expensive OK the dealer rates are around 75 an hour.

arthurwhite; Preventive maintenance, especially on Subarus, is a “MUST DO” activity. Considering all the things they do, the dealer rate of $500 is not unreasonable. I spend that much every year for periodontal services, since I will lose my teeth otherwise.

AS others point out, a good independent shop can do this for less, but don’t expect half price. A Subaru is a complicated machine and all that maintenace is necessary if your vehicle is to live out its normal design life.

The 30,000 miles service on my Nisssan Sentra in 1997 at the dealer came to over $400 (including a cooling system flush), so that gives you and idea, and that was a simple 2 WD car.

I would budget at least $350 at a good independent shop and maintain this vehicle by the book. We have several regular contributors who have driven their Subarus trouble-free to very high mileage, but all agree that by the book maintenance is necessary.


If I may ask, what was the purchase price for your car, back in 2007 ?

The majority of fluids are inspect not replace. However 4 years latter they may need replacement.

Subaru’s have maintenance requirements like a 90’s car(a lot). They do tend to last for owners willing to invest in it all.

If your plan is 150k and dump it, change the oil and check the fluids yourself, cross your finders, and drive on.

The answer is in your glove compartment.

You’ve got your priorities backwards. Changing the fluids is the important aspect of this service. All the “checks” and inspections are just the fluff to pad the bill. If you don’t want to pay so much don’t go to a Subaru dealer. Find a good, Subaru knowledgeable, independant mechanic to do the work. The bill will be closer to $250.

I’d also use a local, independent mechanic rather than the dealer. But I was also thinking $500 isn’t bad for a typical 30K.

I bought it in 2009 for $18,000

Reading a question like this helps to confirm why I don’t buy used cars.
I pity the next owner of this car–IF it survives long enough to make it to the next owner.