The Invisible Air Conditioning Leak

I have a '98 Ford Taurus that’s in pretty good condition… except for the air conditioning. The air conditioning just blows hot air, and I have this problem every summer; this time I decided to set it straight once and for all.

I have always brought it to the same mechanic, but I got suspicious as time went on. I’ve brought it in about 4 or 5 times now this summer, and each time the cold air vanishes after about 2 weeks.

I’m pretty sure my mechanic isn’t scamming me - I mean, he’s done the work for free each time after the first. Each time he said he found another leak, but this time he said there was only a tiny leak that couldn’t account for the speed that the cold air ran out. He’s basically given up, and said to just give it a shot, even though he doubts he fixed it.


even if you had a mouse in the ducts eating new holes every two weeks, I doubt if that would be enough to cause all the cold air to leak out before some got into the cab. But if you do have a mouse nest, it could well clog up the ducting. ;-)p
No really I wonder if you have a coolant leak that is letting the freon out? This should be checked after your guy charges the system, with castile soap. Has this thing been in a fender bender that would account for all these leaks? It sounds to me like the leak is in an inaccessible place your guy didnt reach yet. Could be he is just recharging the system and not even looking for the leak.

Take the vehicle to a shop that has a refrigerant sniffer. These devices can locate refrigerant leaks as small as a half an ounce a year. The first place I’d check for a leak is at the evaporator by placing the sniffer in the dash vent.