Vacuum Coolant Refill pump and Adapters 2002 Taurus U

I have two taurus. I like to keep my coolant new and its hard to finish with the entire system with fresh fluid. So I had an idea. I will buy the tool I mentioned.

Run Flush through it. To get ALL the old coolant/flush out, I would drain the old. fill radiator with distilled water using the tool to pull a vacuum and fill completely, Drain. pull the vacuum refill with distilled water and again. it should be clean water everywhere. now drain and pull the vacuum and refill with 1.75 gallons of antifreeze and top off with distilled water. giving me 1.75 gals of coolant and 1.625 gallons of distilled water. in the vulcan that little bit that always stays in there messes the coolant up. i think my way will work. when i get time i will report. the vacuum will empty the sump.

Just how often do you do all this?

Did you read it or skim it? Your answer is in there.