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2000 Taurus Cooling System Clogged

I took my 2000 Taurus to the ford dealer today because the heat was inconsistent. They told me the whole coolent system needs to be replaced. Radiator, heating core and line etc. that is was clogged. I never heard of such a thing. the car hasn’t been runing hot. Has anybody heard of this. I’m not sure I should go with the repairs. They haven’t told me the cost yet, but I am guessing it’s going to sky high.

Take the vehicle to an independent shop and have them take a look at it. If the radiator were clogged you’ld have an overheating issue. I’ve performed coolant system flushes were it restored the heat into the passenger cabin.


I agree with tester. If your cooling system were plugged your car would be overheating. Take it to an independent shop.

just back from the ford dealer where they showed me what’s up … there story changed. it’s not clogged which was good news. The reason the heat isn’t working is the exchange door wasn’t opening. However, the coolent is muddy looking once again after a coolent system flush was done just a week ago. They said I may never get it back right. That I could flush it again today and a week later it will probably look that way again. I think he told me it was like something that grows in the system because it wasn’t maintained properly in the past. Suggested that I flush it clear then put new coolent, and system treatment back in once a week for awhile and see if that will cure it. sounds like quit a project. Still never heard of this… I have heard of flushing the system, but never that you can’t get rid of the murky, discolored looking coolent. Anyone else heard of this?

Take it to an independently owned and operated shop with a good reputation. They should be able to flush that contamination out of the system and get it clean again.

Ford has a old service campaign/bulletin on brown coolant for Vulcan engined Taurus that expired several years ago. You maybe able to find it through a Google search. It was basically a very labor intensive sediment flush that among flushing out each component individually, also included removing freeze plugs, and flushing out the block through the plug openings.

I had the best results of getting out all the sediment from the engine block by removing the water pump, and running a garden hose with the end cut off up inside the two coolant ports of the block sealing around the hose with a rag and back flushing it several times.

My guess is if the system is that rusted the impeller on the water pump maybe rusted away so bad that the water pump needs to be replaced anyway.

After all this you may still need to flush the system once a year from here on out.

One theory as to a possible cause of the rusting is a coolant system that is not air tight, that could cause air in the system to make the coolant corrosive. So make sure the system is air tight paying close attention to the plastic reservoir tank, and pressure cap on top.

                          Good Luck