V70 Volvo AC?


My husband has a V70 Volvo- I got this estimate first - then I also got another estimate which was $750. Do I fix the AC or should we look into buying another used Volvo?

“Hello, the cost to replace your vehicle’s AC evaporator would be aproximatly $1300.00. This procedure requires us to remove the entire dash assembly, steering wheel, steering column, and center console making it a very time consuming process.”

Who gave you the two estimates and what did they say was wrong? The difference in cost could be dealer ($1300) vs independent. Labor rates vary greatly. But do tell us who give what estimate? I suggest, if you have not yet done it, have it checked by an independent A/C shop (They often are AC and Radiator shops).

It sounds like it has a leak, and if so and if it is where they are guessing, yes getting to it is the expensive part.