UV joints - armatures near front tires

'94 Buick Park Avenue from the north; very rusty underneath - The rubber “plugs?” that my UV joints (armatures near front tires)have all but degenerated leaving a gap between the uppper and lower halves of these “armatures,” making a horrible grating noise when I turn or accelerate. Am I ion danger of the chassis falling off the front axle of my car? Is there a CHEAP remedy for this situation? I thought about spraying a thick layer of rubberized undercoating where these “rubber” plugs were. Would this help? I just need this car to get me through February. HELP!

UV joints?
Are you talking about the Constant Velocity (CV) joints?
Are the “rubber plugs” actually the boots that surround and protect the CV joints from dirt and grit?

Despite the unusual terminology, based on the description of a “horrible grating noise” when you turn or accelerate, it surely sounds like your CV joints are about to break. When this takes place, you will be stranded, so while this is not a safety issue per se, it could make for a very inconvenient situation, depending upon when it happens and where you are when one or both of them snap.

If I am correct in my assumption that you are referring to the CV joints, DO NOT spray rubberized undercoating on the CV joints!
The only fix is to replace the joints, and this will include the boots.

I may have totally misinterpreted your post, so please correct me if I am wrong.

I’ve been watching this one and waiting for someone else to jump in here, but it seems no one is willing to even take a stab, with the exception of VDC. With the interesting terms, it was a head scratcher at first. And VDC’s suggestion made the most sense. But as I read it a few more times, I’m now wondering if greekzach is referring to the A-frame (armatures - maybe mistakeningly named for a-frames) so the a-frame bushing or even ball joint, or maybe even the upper strut support bushing is all worn out and that is where he is hearing metal to metal especially on turns and accelerating. Further, if it was all worn out, it might lead one to suspect the “chassis falling off the front axle” as an option eventually. Hey greekzach, can you provide just a little more description, or perhaps a photo of what you’re talking about? It might help.

I read your post and VDC’s and Benny’s responses with interest…and wonderment.

Your terminology is such that it’s difficult to understand what you’re actually trying to convey. Since this is potentially a very dangerous problem, let me suggest that you have a shop look at it ASAP. A diagnosis should run about $100. Ask theme to be specific. Post their diagnosis and we’ll try to go from there.