UTV adding a bigger battery and brake in period

I have a 2020 Polaris Ranger Crew 570 4 person. Sorry if this site is only for cars but figured I would try. Well its at the end of its Brake in period the owner manual only tells me to change the oil and filter should I change any thing else? And also I would like to get rid of the small battery and add a bigger car battery is it that simple to just swapping them out?

Admittedly I don’t know much about UTVs.

Having said that… why do you want to change out to a bigger battery?

If you’re looking to add more electrical power, I’m pretty sure that battery size doesn’t matter. My understanding is the alternator providers more electrical power.

I’d also be reluctant to mess with the electrical system on a 2020 anything. But that’s just me.

It seems like a Forum for Polaris would be the best place for info . Also you local dealer might have a list of things they recommend that they have found to be of benefit .

If you are worried about not having enough battery power to start then just carry a small rechargeable battery pack with you.

The owners manual recommendatuons are covered, that should be enough.

As for the battery, if it is 12 volts, and it will fit, there isn’t any reason you can’t change it. You likely will need to modify the hold down for the bigger battery. Don’t assume it will just stay in place because it is heavy… it won’t. Most websites that sell batteries give the dimensions so measure twice, buy once.

You might have to change the cable ends as well. A motorcycle style battery won’t have the same terminals as a car. Has all this convinced you to leave the battery alone yet?

Personally I think I would just leave it alone but two things. Is the battery a standard wet cell or is it the spill proof type battery. The replacement needs to be the same. The other thing is depending on the charging system, you could burn out the generator if more amps are required to keep the larger battery charged.

I’d wait until I was out of warranty before messing with different battery sizes. I’d do just what the owners manual says regarding service after break in.

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I found the owner’s manual online

While they didn’t provide a part number for the battery, it’s clear we’re talking about an AGM battery. So if you go for a bigger battery, make sure it’s also an AGM

Can find only 2 batteries listed for the "2020 Polaris Ranger Crew 570 4 "

Stock battery = YB14-B2 - 12 amp hour - conventional
Optional battery = YB30L-B - 30 amp hour - AGM


Huh . . .

the owner’s manual specifically stated to buy a charger which can handle AGM batteries, presumably in case the owner goes for the optional AGM battery

Seems to me op should just get the optional AGM battery. Looks like you wouldn’t even have to modify any wiring or hold downs

For now. Plan on adding more lights and a winch and plow maybe a stereo when I get a cab enclosure

If you’re going to add more electrical loads you may need to upgrade the alternator too.

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Been awhile hopefully u read this which one would u recommend from amazon for my 2020 Polaris ranger crew 570-4 to suit my needs this winter I’m gonna put it through a lot winch , radio , some kind of heater maybe just a blower for the window powered through the cigarette lighter I’ll be using the winch with a plow

@Josh12 - I am going to try this again . It seems that since you started this Sept 8 / 2020 you have enough time to have the dealer install what you need if you even need anything. Why would you buy something from Amazon that might void your warranty .

I have a 2012 Polaris 550 Touring EPS ATV. It has a smaller battery that came with it. I run added lights and a hydraulic Boss 6’ V plow. Your owner’s manual should indicate what the electrical system is capable of supporting in its OEM configuration. If not, why not go to the Polaris dealer you bought it from and ask them? A winch is more or less standard gear so the winch operated plow is no big deal. Lights? Depends on how many and what type. I run efficient LED lights. They roast corneas without much power. Again, add up what you plan to add and then check against the manf recommended loading…you may not have to do anything.

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