Battery Size - Corolla Fit Taurus


I have a toyota corolla. Battery is just a few years old but still good. I have a Ford Taurus that I am selling but don’t really want to pay $100 for a new battery. I would rather get a new one for the corolla which I will be keeping and using the old one that is still good for the corolla. Will this size battery work in the Taurus? Or would it be a bigger size? I think the other one was an different cold cramping amps…???

Things you need to check first: will the two batteries fit into the other car’s battery rack, and are the battery connecter posts the same type and are the poles (Positive and Negative) on the same side. Battery cables do not stretch and should never be crossed (they can rub and dead short)…

The two cranking amps are probably close enough to not be a major concern…

I have a Dodge Ram Pickup with diesel. It uses two 750 amp batteries to crank that big diesel over. I once had to jump the Ram with my '85 Corolla and it started without problem and I immediately replaced both batteries on the Ram…

The graphic below shows what I mean by the “same type of connector posts…”



I am going to assume that the battery in the Taurus is dead or missing which is why you want to swap with the Corolla.

What is your time worth? Seems like a lot of effort to save $100 especially when you say the Corolla battery is only a few years old and still good.

Can you drop the price of the Taurus by $100?

Here’s a really stupid idea. Look up the batteries for each car check the group sizes, terminal configurations, actual dimensions and amperage requirements. Make you decision from there. Would be a lot quicker than waiting on a bunch of anonymous posters on a web site. Do your own homework.


Second stupid idea - measure the batteries .


Third stupid idea - just try it.

If you’re selling the Taurus who cares if it’s the right size, as long as it works good enough.


which model of your toyota corolla?

If the terminals are the same type and on the same sides, and it will fit in the battery compartment (I’m going to assume it will since the Taurus is a bigger car), it’ll work.

+1 to Scrapyard John’s comment.

I just hope that the OP doesn’t have one of those batteries with the square terminals that another forum member told us about recently.


This is a follow-up posting, I know most users are aware of Battery Terminal Adapters, but some new members may not be so aware. I am not recommending the use of these as they can come loose or build up with corrosion and impede the flow of electricity. But in a pinch, they are worth their weight in Gold…


If the shoe fits, wear it.

It’s a better idea to ask the question on a public forum, that way he can get 10 different opinions, 20 people calling the first 10 idiots, 3 people saying just force the battery in and see if it works, 1 person saying it doesn’t really need a battery if he buys a new alternator, and a lawyer saying he can be sued for changing batteries.

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To anyone who is looking to have a question answered on this forum to help them in fixing a vehicle. Please reach out and try. I have used the help form this forum and the great people on here several times to do something I have never done before and was able to succeed with their help. This includes replacing a head gasket which is very advanced for me and most people.

Over the years I found it easier to ask a question here rather than trying to search on Google for info as it is quicker and the people are helpful. I could have done my research and also could have just tried it but I was wondering more of the long term effects if the alternator would effect the battery over time if the exact battery wasn’t used which is info I would not have known had I just swapped the batteries. Just trying to save $100 here but obviously most people who want to buy a car test drive it so just knocking a $100 off the price won’t be realistic.

So all jokes aside here please know this forum is helpful with people who have a lot of experience. However I do appreciate the humor here as well.

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