Using Tarminator to wash cars



We live in Juneau, Alaska. Our car wash closed for business last year. We bought Tarminator to wash our cars. It worked so well but I am wondering what will it do to the finish of our car in the long run. We have a 2008 Toyota Prius (white in color).


How often are you using it?


It’s made by Stoner, a major maker of car care stuff, and it’s supposed to be safe for clear coats, so it should be OK. I’d be more concerned about how often you use it, and how carful you are to not rub any abrasive street grime into the finish as you’re removing the tar. I would do the tar cleaning routine once each spring on my car when I lived in Anchorage, but I had a black car, the tar didn’t show up like it does on your white one. You just don’t want to overdo it.