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Using PlastX on old headlights

It was late afternoon when I got around to reading the label again on the PlastX bottle, preparing to clean my 1992 car’s headlight covers. It says: “Apply…to a foam applicator pad such as (another product of theirs)…” When I bought the bottle weeks ago I felt I was overpaying, so I didn’t buy a “foam applicator” too.

I do have a “cotton terry” (5" diameter) applicator pad. WILL THAT WORK PRETTY WELL? Or even an old cotton washcloth?

PS. I know–I probably could use some old rubbing compound and skip the PlastX, right?

Everyone who has to polish or replace their plastic lamp covers should write to the manufacturer and to the feds and tell them you want the old cheap effective GLASS sealed beams.

The better light provided by some of these new plastic trash lights is offset by the plastic covers. That better lighting was available in the old sealed beams by buying E-Code sealed beams. Why has the American public been putting up with this trash?

Sorry, but I just have to vent on this stupidity!

Use anything that you want that acts like a soft cloth. A paper towel would work. I usually just use whatever cotton rag is handy.

I think the PlastX is worth the money. It isn’t rubbing compound.