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Head light restoration kits

I have recently looked at several headlight restoration kits and they vary somewhat in the how and the cost. Some are as cheap as $5 and some cost over $20. I am sure they all work to some degree. Some use a drill and some have you sand it by hand. What brands do folks recommend based on their experience.

Macguires Plast X works quite well.

I have tried everything from polishing compound to toothpaste to the Plastic X. Also fine sanding paper. They all work, but it is short lived. Depending on how bad the lenses are and how perfect you want them to be, you might find them usefull or decide to invest in a new pair.

Don’t you wish they still used sealed beam headlamps that never needed to mess with this kind of thing. The worse you had was $5.00 and five minutes to change the lamp (which included the lens).

some(Wynns) come with a sealer to apply after you do all the other business. I assume that must help. How about just waxing the lens after the procedure.??

I don’t mind doing it once but I just don’t want to have to deal with it again and again.

As I say, no matter what I have tried, the haze comes back. I can just restore it to better than current, only to watch it to deteriorate to the same state or worse over the next 6 months.

I’ve tried both the cheap and the pricy and have not found any of them to be worth the money so I agree with galant that you’re wasting your time.
My Lincoln has hazy headlights and I went through the process with Meguiars repeatedly. A slightly noticeable difference that disappeared after 2 weeks is about the best I could do.

Bring back the old 5 x 7 Halogen glass sealed beams and the lighting problems would be over for everyone; not to mention the dirt cheap replacement cost of those sealed beams.

Great question!

 By experience, STAY AWAY from the wal-mart brand. I cannot remember name but it was in big shiny (that's how they got me, it was shiny) bag. One bag did the two lights for $20. My HANDS (yes, by hand) hurt! But boy I tell ya, they looked good! only for 6 months, and now it looks as though my drunk Uncle Martin peed all over it. 
 On a more serious note, I've always been pleased with Meguiars products. Only concern I have with a drill is getting surface too hot. Or you could bite the pellet and buy new eyes for you ride. I finally had to do that for my '92 Mustang GT. I never regretted it.

Good luck and please share your experience! I need to do my wife’s truck again (Expedition) and I want to know what’s better. I may just buy some SVT lights.


Here is an article on doing it yourself. The key point they suggest is using a UV protestant afterwords. They don’t recommend one. I know Armorall does not last very long. There must be something better.

Tourren makes a product kit called Glassylite. It comes with a protectant called Konexis that is a permanent sealant.

Does anyone know or have experience with this product? If it does what it claims it is worth the $28.

I would add that I’ve never had any luck with headlight polishing compounds. They may help a tiny but but within a week or so it’s back to square one.

One thing that is often overlooked is that it’s not only the external lens that dulls, it’s the internal reflecting surface which is ruined by heat from the bulb. There is no cure for that except to replace the units with new, send them out for restoration, or cut them apart for some home remedy repair.

I’ve got a Lincoln Mark VIII and it’s a great car but the headlights on those cars are beyond ridiculous. In all seriousness (and I know of others who go through the same thing) I’ve actually gotten out of the car when attempting to go somewhere at night just to make sure the low beams are even on.

Some comments from fellow Lincoln owners about this problem. Maybe you’ll get a chuckle out of them.
Now I know why candles are made of wax. It’s so one can drip candle wax on the front bumper and attach a pair of candles.

Do what I do. Stick a magnetic flashlight on the top of each fender.

A Mag light with dead batteries is better than the OEM headlights.

And my personal favorite.
I find somebody to tag along with and use their headlights.