What brand of oil should I use?

Any SAE certified oil. Just look on the bottle for the SAE certification label. The important thing is to use the weight specified in your owner’s manual (e.g. 5W-30, 5W-20 or whatever).

If you’re the same guy/gal with the Passport that’s burning oil, it’s not a big deal to just keep adding a quart every 3000 miles.

But if that bothers you, you can try a slightly heavier grade of oil. If you’re now using 5w-30, try 10w-30. If you’re using 10w-30, try 20w-50. Just be aware that the heavier grade oil takes a little longer in cold/startup to thin out and coat the moving parts, so you may be adding slightly to engine wear. But you already have close to 200k miles on this thing; you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

So your choices are:

  1. Keep using the grade of oil recommended by the manual, and add a quart every 3k miles, or
  2. Use a heavier grade of oil. May reduce oil usage, may not.

Honda, Castrol, Valvoline, Texaco Havoline.

You should only use oil that I own stock in.
Wait until I buy some stock before you buy your oil.

Also, you should change your oil every time you turn off your car.
We all know that fresh oil is better than used oil, and since oil is cheaper than a replacement engine, you should change it frequently, otherwise your engine will blow up!

So, as soon as I buy some oil company stock, I will let you know what company oil you should use. And make sure you change it after every time you turn off the motor!


What brand of oil should I use?

Brand is not really important. What is important it that the oil you use in a car meets the specifications of the manufacturer of your car. You can usually find that information in your owner’s manual. (that dusty book located in your glove box)

If it is a gasoline engine look for the SAE symbol and the “S” followed by a number or letter. What you need will be listed in your owner’s manual. If you have a diesel engine it will be the Letter C followed by a number or letter. [S=Spark C=Compression] You can use a “higher” letter or number buy not less.

And don’t forget the filter!