Used Transmission

I recently had a new transmission installed in my 2002 VW Golf. My problem is that I have the old transmission and I am not sure what to do with it. The mechanic who installed my new transmission said the bearings were gone in the old one. Are these transmissions worth anything for parts, etc? It is sitting in my shed, took 3 of us ladies to put it in there. HELP!

Is it a manual or automatic transmission? Why didn’t you just donate it to the mechanic who installed the new one?

Now, just list it on craigslist…

Thank you for responding.:slight_smile:
It is an automatic. List it on Craigslist for free pickup, or is it worth anything? The guy who installed it said I would have to take it back to him, I can’t do that.

You might call a few transmission repair shops, see if the want it. I doubt it’s worth much/anything, but see if any of them will pay you for it.

You might see if there is a junior college or technical school that has a transmission class. They are always looking for new candidates to work on. They probably would not give you anything for it but you would be furthering the pool of qualified transmission mechanics in your vicinity.

"It is sitting in my shed, took 3 of us ladies to put it in there. HELP!"
This reminds me of an old Fibber McGee and Molly radio show. Molly was driving along with a friend in the car and heard a big clunk. She and her friend got out and found a big round disk laying in the road. Molly was certain that it was a part from the car, so she and her friend struggled to load this big round object in the trunk. Molly was certain that McGee could fix it. Well, Molly made it home and explained the problem to McGee. McGee was certain that it was the flywheel. Molly wasn’t so sure since she hadn’t seen any flies in the car and reasoned that the flywheel was to keep away the flies. Well, McGee takes the car apart, can’t figure out what he is doing and can’t get it back together. While he is struggling, a police officer arrives and charges McGee for being in possession of city property. “Give us back our manhole cover” bellowed the officer.
Maybe you can do the reverse and convince your community that the transmission was a part that came off one of its pieces of equipment.

A transmission core is worth about $200. Getting someone to take it away is worth? I would list it or take it to a recycle yard. They may only give 25 or so but… Thats roughly the value of the metal.

I would follow Caddyman’s advice about putting it on Craigslist. Just state that it’s a rebuildable core with bad bearings and add a “Make any kind of an offer” comment. Some DIYer may be in the need for one and if they say 10 bucks then tell them to come and get it. That puts you 10 bucks ahead of the game and rids you of what is essentially a boat anchor.