How do you value a car without a transmission?

Unlike the philosophical riddle of a tree falling in the woods, I?m hoping that my questions has an answer: how do you value a car that doesn?t have a working transmission? I have a 2003 MINI Cooper with 110,000 miles and a completely dead automatic transmission. From what I?ve read online, the BMW used a CVT transmission for the first couple of years. They eventually recognized their folly and switched to a conventional automatic transmission in 2004.

The dealership has quoted me more to replace the transmission than what the car is worth. Most other transmission shops in the area know better than to touch this transmission, and those who are willing to replace it quote a price that?s just a bit less than the dealer, but not enough to make the repair justified.

So, not wanting to pay through the nose and deal with other mechanical issues over the next couple of years (the transmission is certainly not the first problem I?ve had), I?m looking at just walking away and finding something else. Kelly Blue Book gives a private party value of $6,700-7,600. Since the cost of replacing the transmission is more than this amount, what can I claim the rest of the car is worth?

Contact an junk yard(auto recyler) and inquire. Your car has value in parts but the (buying) person has to be willing to take that on so you will take the hit.

You can always craigslist or ebay the car and see what offer you get. You may find someone out there with a totaled mini and working CVT they are willing to swap into yours.

Have you inquired about a used CVT from a salvage yard. You may be able to swap one in and then sell ASAP or drive on.