Small SUV


I have a 2003 VW GTI and a 1996 Volvo wagon (bought when Click and Clack rec’ed it). I use the wagon for hauling - yard supplies, etc. I want to sell both and buy one used vehicle for all purposes. Subaru Forrester is one choice. Hear Toyota RAV4 is good. Any advice/shared experience would be appreciated. Will usually have no passengers.


Hyundai Tuscon and Santa Fe, Honda CRV, Subaru or even an older Isuzu Trooper are good choices.



I bought a new 2006 honda CRV & in the four years I have had it, it has been excellent.
I would highly recomend one of them . Try & find one with the lowest mileage possible of course. Good luck.


As one with two RAV’s and had a third ('97,'05, '07)…only maintenance costs …my choice is obvious.


We have an 05 RAV4 and though it’s been a good car, the 06s on are much bigger and most efficient of the 4 cyl compact SUVs and most powerful in 6 cyl form. Daughter has a CRV, and it’s been rock solid for 165K miles. We’ve had Subarus and they are definitely the best driving IMO. But only the newest Forester is as good. Used then would be RAV and CRV…personal choice from there.


New or used? Based on your current rides, I imagine that 2WD is OK. The Chevy Equinox, RAV4, and Nissan Rogue all should have comparable repair costs, but the Rogue has lower maintenance costs - about $1000 lower over the next 5 years. If you don’t mind a CVT transmission, take a look at the Rogue. The Equinox has the best gas mileage in the small crossover group at 22 City and 32 Highway. The RAV4 comes in at 22/28, the CR-V at 21/28, and the Rogue at 21/26. If you are interested in the Equinox, only look at the 2010, not 2009 and earlier.


Wow - thanks everyone - such good advice and info.


If you have need for awd, I’d recommend the Forester. If not, the Rav4 or CRV.


Check out the Mazda CX-7.