Used sports sedan under 30k?

My advice is to keep what you have, which seems to be running well, and save your money. Trading in a car which runs fine, and isn’t very old is never a wise financial decision, and in today’s inflated market is an even worse financial decision.

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This is good to hear! One to consider for sure as it seems to check all the boxes.

Definitely sensible advice and something to always consider. However, the inflated market works in both directions, meaning that my car’s value is more than 20% higher than when I purchased it almost two years ago. Secondly, I consider myself a car enthusiast to a certain degree. The engineering and performance matters to me, so investing a bit more of my money is acceptable to me.

I firmly believe that sports cars only have 2 doors and nothing will change my mind .


Is Impreza paid off? Sell it and use money to buy something. You are moving on after 4 yrs. I’m sure you will move on with new car. So, why does it matter about good points or shortcomings? If you don’t like it, sell it.

No one except you can make this decision because you need to try them out and see if you like them. I would not even consider these cars because most of them have been beaten out

Yes, I feel like this should be common sense, but some people have weird desire to provide some sort of broad stroke interpretation of what I should do. I feel like my initial post was rather straight forward in asking advice and input on a vehicle that people would recommend considering the prerequisites I set forward. I never asked for life advice or a guide on how to research a used car purchase. Some people seem to get it with no issue, but it seems harder for others to grasp. Thanks to all those that have provided valuable input so far.

I prefer the Lexus GS350 over the Lexus IS models, larger interior, more comfortable seats, better ride. The F-Sport models have the 8 speed automatic transmission.

Another possibility is a BMW diesel, like the 535d or 540d with xDrive. I considered these in 2017 (new) but the price was higher than I wanted to go for a commuter car. The gasoline 335, 340, 535 and 540 xDrives all are at 5.5 sec or less. Expensive parts though.

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It may be my age but I agree but it also needs a manual transmssion.

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I would amend that to sporty cars.
Sports cars have two bucket seats, but the Austin Healey 3000 can be included though it has little jump seats in the back.

The title states “Sedan” and the OP is not looking for a 60 year old car.

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I don’t think they made Lexus 60 years ago, never saw one when I lived in Japan 50 years ago. Been a long time since Toyota has produced a sports car.
But the term sports car remains. Two doors, two seats. My Mustang is a sporty car, not a sports car.

the new supra?

Anyone mention a BMW 3 series? Certainly an option if Audi is on the list.

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That would qualify.

It’s more BMW than Toyota.

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He asked about a sports SEDAN not a sports CAR. Different things.

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Any interest in moving to a WRX or STi? My brother has owned a 2009 GTi with a manual transmission since brand new and with the help of his overprotective VW specialists the repair costs have been very reasonable and the car’s held up very well. Not as expensive for upkeep as a Mercedes or BMW but would still be a fun daily. Or the Golf R if you really need AWD.

There’s a podcast called the Everyday Driver Car Debate where the two hosts can go back and forth between a few options given what you want but they talk about driving homework. Where you drive the car yourself and if it makes you smile buy it and maintain it well.

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What exactly do you consider to be a sports car? Thinking about models from the past, would a Ford Probe, Chevrolet Beretta, Toyota Celica, or Dodge Shadow qualify? All of these were available in a 2-door body style with high performance for their time. Or do you only consider cars like the Chevrolet Camaro/Pontiac Firebird or Corvette to be “real” sports cars?

What exactly do you consider to be a sports sedan? Would you consider the Ford Focus or Dodge Neon from the early 2000s to be a sports sedan, if equipped with the higher performance engine? Would you consider something like the Chevrolet Caprice Classic from the 1990s to be a sports sedan? Those were available with a powerful engine, comfortable seats, etc.