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What used car should I get?

Hi, I would love to get your quick opinions on this. I’m a guy in my late 30s looking to get a used car, 2015 model - looking for something a bit fun, nimble, reliable enough, with a little sex appeal. I’ve got a fully loaded Camry I’m looking to trade in though it’s served me well. I’ve had it for almost 10 years and will likely have this new car for another 10. Not too sure I’ll start a family down the road though it’s possible. Also in Boston so something that can handle inclement weather. Thinking of:

-Audi A3 (Sedan)
-VW Golf (Sedan)
-Cadillac ATS AWD (Sedan)

And possibly (though less excited to, though they’re practical):

-Subaru Legacy

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Thanks!

Choose the car that you like because no one can make this decision for you.

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My honest opinion is that trading in a car which runs perfectly fine, to buy a different car which basically does the same thing is an extremely poor use of money. I believe in keeping a car until it no longer runs, or it has excessive rust/body damage, or it is necessary to purchase a different type of vehicle, such as a truck or a mini-van.

Why spend a bunch of money, and perhaps incur debt in the process, to buy a different car which will do exactly the same thing that your current car can do? I would instead save my money, because you never know when you might need it for something else.

I own a 2014 Audi A4 Quattro 2.0 turbo. I really like this car, bought it used off a 3 year lease. Sporty and a 4 door with AWD and it gets great mileage. Since it is my wife’s car and she liked the A4 better than the A3 soooo A4!

You will take a hit financially but if this one of those “life is too short” situations, then I would suggest the VW Golf, my particular choice would be the GTI with a stick shift but your choice might be different.

Of the others, I think the Prius would be a disappointment and the gas savings would be wiped by the extra cost of the transactions.

When my 2005 Camry got up there in mileage, I settled on a Veloster Turbo 6 speed, it was one of those decisions. I was pretty bored with the Camry. I know in the long run it would cost me more than another Camry would have as it is a Hyundai wiht GDI, Turbo, etc. BUT it gives me a smile everyday I drive it.

The OP’s vehicle is 10 years old so where does financial hit come in .

@martslee_143607 Asking here what to buy seems kind of silly. We all have brands we like and some we don’t even want someone else to park in our drive way. Many times these threads get all kinds of suggestions and usually the person asking buys something not even mentioned.

You want something fun to drive, nimble with a little sex appeal and then list a Prius as one of your choices ???


I like the GTI, just know it’ll probably have more problems than your Camry.

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Agree! In addition, all of the above, except the Prius will be significantly less reliable than your Camry, which is the benchmark for reliability and long life!

Keep the Camry for winter and get a sporty car for summer!

The Caddy and VW Golf depreciate like rocks. Buy a slightly used car maker backed certified model.

They both will serve you a long that time period.

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Thanks so much for all the input! I am leaning towards the VW Golf and Caddy ATS since they’re a bit different than the cars I’ve had in the past and also good used car values based on their depreciations. Any thoughts on if these are good cars to beat the heck out of (pardon my french)? I do all the suggested maintenance though like to drive my cars hard.

good note, but probably Prius was on “reliable” pick-list, definitely does not belong to “sexy” one :slight_smile:

Which ATS do you have in mind? There are three engine options: 2L turbo, 2.5L, and the 3.6L. From a power standpoint, avoid the 2.5L. Handling will be best with the 2L and power best with the 3.6L. You can also get RWD or AWD.