USed Motors

If I put a “new” used motor (with 87K miles) in a Toyota Sienna van with 220K miles how would that effect the value? Would it be viewed as having 87k miles or 220k?

The odometer would read 220k (unless you decided to break the law by turning it back), and every component other than the engine would have experienced 220k of wear and tear.

Thus, this is a 220k vehicle, albeit one with a “new” engine. If I were you, I would advertise it by stating both the odometer mileage and the mileage on that used engine. Just be prepared to show proof of the mileage on that engine.

It will have no affect on the value at all. The vehicle has 220K miles on it, no matter what you replace. A prospective buyer may be more interested because of the lower-mileage engine, but I doubt it would make any difference in the price.

Proving the mileage on the used engine won’t be easy.

220k mile van. It has absolutely no affect on the van value positive or negative however it may sway a potential buyer towards it or away(myself).

I look at it this way,the van is supposed to have a engine,what I mean is you are pointing out something that is suppose to be there. It would be of value if all underhood wear items were also replaced and every wear and maintiance item was top notch.

It’s 220 and the actual value may not mean much if this used engine is not any good. A fair number of “guaranteed good” engines, transmissions, and rear axles often have minor to major problems so I would take any claims made with a grain of salt.

It would still be 220,000. The value would increase by $500 at the most.