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Used GL 450 or new RAM 1500 Laramie

I have a GL 450 coming off of lease and have an option to buy. The question that I have is my GL 450 has 40K miles on it and for the price to purchase this vehicle I could buy a brand new 2010 RAM 1500 Laramie… Anyone have a view on the longevity of the GL 450? Is 40K to many miles to invest in a vehicle? Or does it make more sense to purchase a new vehicle (such as the RAM 1500 Laramie)?

Well, Consumer Reports has ‘worse than average’ and ‘much worse than average’ overall ratings for the '07 and '08 reliability, so not much to recommend it there. But your alternative (the RAM) is so different, why the switch? If the RAM much better suits your needs, I’d definitely switch, and consider the new Ford pickup, too.

Do you want a truck, or an SUV? Do you really want to spend $40k on a vehicle?
Longevity is mostly dependent upon the owner’s ability to maintain it, and what they perceive a reason to get rid of it. i.e. One owner may think 200k and needing a new engine is nothing, while another person may scrap it after 20k miles when they find out oil changes aren’t paid for under their new car warranty and oil sludge kills the engine

Thanks for the feedback. I am big on outdoor activities (hunting and fishing)and got by with the GL 450. Used to live in CT and now in Michigan with more opportunities - the having a truck would be better for me. Also - I have a great discount with Dodge along with it appears to have great reviews and feedback…

The GL 450 will probably last a long time, but there will be expensive repairs along the way. Intellifix estimates that a GL450 will cost the owner $9400 for repairs and $7400 for maintenance over the next 5 years. Compare that to a Lexus GX 470 where repairs and maintenance are estimated at $3700 ad $6900, respectively. I know you don’t want the Lexus. I mentioned it to show how expensive the GL could be. Now compare the GL 450 to a 2007 Ram 1500, where maintenance would be $5200 and repairs $2700 over the next 5 years. It will be even better with a new truck and a warranty. Given the same price and your outdoor hobbies, I’d buy the new Dodge. Or you could save some money up front an get a good used 2007 Laramie for about $20,000 from a dealer - about half the price of a new one.

Thanks for the analysis - good points on the maintenance costs…

The GL will have costly repairs, but is probably more reliable and definitely more comfortable than the Ram.

Just think about how many hunting and fishing toys you can buy with the extra $20,000 if you buy the 2007 Ram!

You’d be surprised, the new Ram is quite an improvement, and was the best when C&D compared pickups a few months ago. Quite comfortable.

I wouldn’t touch a Dodge truck over a Chevy/GMC/Ford/Toyota. Too many inconsistencies in repair and company viability. I’d move on.

Dodge trucks are as reliable as any other, and don’t rust like Toyotas. They have consistently been rated highest by those car and truck magazines in recent years.