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2014 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class - worth buying?

looking at a used GL 450. Just over 199k miles. Looks good, with no accident history. Just a lot of miles. Any issues??

Besides it being a Mercedes with a lot of miles

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The biggest issue is the size of your bank account. This Merc is pretty much all used up. It will require a lot of repair as the parts fail. Even if it is cheap now, it is a false economy because this will eat you alive in repair costs.


Friends don’t let friends buy high mileage European luxury vehicles .


no way


Do you know how to make a small fortune?
Start with a large fortune and buy a used Mercedes.

If you think that $2k a year in random repairs addition to regular maintenance is not something that you’d be wiling to do, then you probably won’t enjoy the out-of-warranty Mercedes ownership experience. This also applies to BMW, Volvo, Jaguar, and Audi.

Based on [unfortunate] experience of one friend of mine, $2K will cover not much on MB or other Europeans.
His average bill for one repair was closer to $4K and over year he spent above $15K on his GL-something.
His idea was that clean-record car with ~80K miles is sill relatively new to require any expensive repairs, but it was proved to be not the case.

I’d say for most car owners it’s worth selling or giving away, but not worth buying.