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Used car

I have found a 1996 Tahoe sport.5.7 engine. 4 wheel drive. Clean car fax. 163,500 miles. Test drive good. Everything seems to work. What problems might I incounter with a vehicle such as this?

I won’t go into everything just the majors.

  1. AC compressors leak at case halves(this is a VERY common problem) does your Tahoe have rear air? some don’t and it is He** in back. Rear expansion valves and evaporators leak,go bad.
  2. Electric window regulators all the way around
  3. Oil coolers (attachments near oil filter leak)
  4. Drivers 6 way power set riser has multiple problems
  5. Door pin bushings (grab a door and pick it up and see if it moves)
    ^. Blower motors (noisy and speed resistor failures)
  6. Check for battery acid damage from previously leaking Delco battery
  7. Remote Keyless Entry problems
    Others will have to comment on powertrain,brakes and suspension as they were not my area but check if this car has been damaged by DexCool (leaking intake manifold gaskets,internaly,externaly both)

Take teh vehicle to your mechanic and have them give it an inspection to see if anything nasty might come up before you buy it

On oldschool’s list, I second numbers 1, 2, and 5. Used to own a 1994 K1500 Blazer with the same engine, and had those problems. You could actually see refrigerant bubbling out of the compressor case when you charged it up; the driver’s window motor died and needed replacing; and one of the upper door pin bushings was broken, letting the door sag just a bit.

I’ll also add that some Chevy trucks of this time had problematic fuel pumps. Mine worked fine for a long time, then at some point the pump got louder, and about two days after that it died completely. I’ve read elsewhere of folks having similar pump failures in their trucks.

Other than these things, it was a pretty reliable vehicle.

At this age, I’d be more concerned about how it has been maintained. How many owner’s have there been? Are there any maintenance and repair records? I second bscar’s recommendation for a thorough evaluation by a mechanic.