Buying a used car

I’m from MI wondering if there is a mechanic out there near Braintree, Mass., that would check out a used car for me at

Bespoke Auto. Or tell me if they are a reputable dealer. I am a 22 year old female & I need some help here guys! Please help!

The help I have to offer is in the form of advice. Never ever buy a used vehicle that you can’t test drive on the highway unless you personally know the seller and the car’s history, like if the seller is a family member. You should also have the vehicle checked out thoroughly by a mechanic you KNOW and TRUST.

In short, I recommend against pursuing this and recommend that you restrict your search to your local area.

Is this an eBay auction??

I like these guys web site! That would be the first place I would go based on internet, stop by an auto parts store or 2 aND ASK THEIR RECOMMENDATION!
10 Rex Drive
Braintree, MA 02184-5226

Phone: (781) 849-5888
Fax: (781) 849-5880

Or Via email at:

We hope to hear from you!

No this is not from an Ebay auction. It is a car listed on Auto Trader.

Hers a little story that illustrates why it’s so very important to take your car (for repair or pre purchase inspection)to a mechanic that really knows his stuff & that you can trust:

My brother in law owns an auto parts store and sells parts to many of the local auto repair shops. He knows which shops are good & not so good.

A couple of years ago a local mechanic called my BIL and ordered a rebuilt engine for a 94 Explorer.

BIL delivered the engine and 3 days later the “mechanic” called him again

"mechanic to BIL: That engine you sold me is junk and is blowing just as much smoke out the tail pipe as the old engine was.

BIL to mechanic: Did you take a couple of seconds to test for a leaking transmission vacuum modulator?

Mechanic: i’ll get back to you on that.

10 minutes later the mechanic calls back “I need a vacuum modulator for a 94 Explorer”.

And that was the end of this sad little story

The only thing this Explorer ever needed was a new 20 buck transmission vacuum modulator.

As they say “ignorance is bliss” & i expect the Explorer owner was happy as a clam with his shiny new $4,000 dollar engine.

Had this Explorer owner talked to my BIL first he would have never gone to this mechanic & this repair would have been about 100 bucks with labor.

As waterboy mentioned, check with some local auto parts stores to find a mechanic with a good reputation.

The parts men are usually tight lipped in their criticism of bad shops but they will often recommend shops and remain obviously quiet about others. An old counter man usually knows a lot more than he tells. Unless they know you well enough to tell it all.