Mobile (on-site) used vehicle inspection


i’m shopping for a used car in the RI/MA area and would like to have the prospective cars (subaru legacy/outbacks in this case) checked out by an on-site inspection.

does anyone know of good pre-purchase mobile auto inspection services in the RI/MA area?

i checked carchex, ais mechanical, coast-to-coast, etc. but am finding bad reviews on all of them. am at a slight loss as to which company is more competent to hire.


It is better to take the car to a shop with good rep. Otherwise it is difficult to track any misdiagnoses down.
AAA has usually a list of certified mechanics, so if you are in different parts of the state and not sure where to go you can take the car to the closest place. I know ebay has a service and lots of independent mechs give ads on, but I don’t think the quality of their work is predictable.

Buy it in South Dakota, Arizona, California or anyplace where it doesn’t rain in the summer or snow much in the winter. Where there are nice level roads. Good luck finding level and I’m joking anyway. If you can’t do that, and we all can’t do that, find a place that does inspections for around $25 and make sure that they agree on price before you have it done. New England is bad for salt where the highways are crooked and red sand is no good either. Bad reviews are everywhere and don’t always mean that things are that bad.

Take your prosepct to your trusted mechanic hopefully versed in Subaru. If the dealer/seller balks then move on and state why, “Its a red flag”. A mobile service is not going to not going to get an undercarriage check very easily.