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Used car buying age vs mileage

am looking to purchase a used honda odyssey, it seems that a 2007 model with around 20k miles costs the same as a 2008 model with almost twice the mileage. Which do you think is a better choice, for a family that lives in new york city and does mostly city driving under 10k miles a year.

Are they the same trim level? Here’s a list of available Odyssey models:

Edmunds says that the mileage adjustment is $1178 on a base price of $20,575 at a dealer for the 2007. The same car as a 2008 with 40,000 miles is worth $24,700. In addition to the trim level, condition will also play a part. Without knowing the asking price and who’s asking (dealer or private sale), it’s hard to provide advice. Private owners often have an inflated guess of the value of low mileage. To answer your specific question, either Odyssey will last forever with your low mileage as long as you take care of it.

yes i am looking at at the exl from the same dealer the 2007 has 25k the 2008 has 48k the price listed is the same $21000. thanks for your input

Neither age or mileage is a good indicator of the condition of a car. Maintenance is the important factor. Has the car received all the recommended maintenance? If not pass.

Go with the car in the best shape body wise and color you like best with the options you prefer. Asumming the maintenance is the same, the difference you describe is insignificant with Hondas.