Buying a used honda odyssey

I want to buy a used honda odyssey. I was thinking a 2009 or younger. Is there any year I should stay away from? What is the maximum amount of miles it should have? I’m hoping to buy it and at least have a couple years without (majory) repairs. Thanks

If you are looking at 2009 or newer Odysseys, you should be okay.
The older ones, from the early-mid 2000s, are plagued with problems relating to failing transmissions and motor mounts that break very easily. However, it does appear that Honda finally got its act together after several years of marketing vehicles with the above-noted problems.

Just be sure that you only consider a vehicle that comes with full maintenance records.
Then, compare those records with the requirements of the mfr’s maintenance schedule that should be sitting in the glove box.

Will this take a bit of time? Yup!
Will some dealers resist this request? Definitely!
However, unless you do this, you could potentially be buying a vehicle that has seen little or no maintenance, and even in just 2 years, problems such as the build-up of damaging oil sludge in the engine can be like a ticking time bomb that explodes in the wallet of the second owner.

And, be sure to have any potential candidates for purchase vetted by your own mechanic. This can help to detect collision damage as well as mechanical problems that are developing.

Additionally, don’t fall into the trap of assuming that a “clean Carfax report” is an assurance of a good vehicle. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Make sure you look at new Odysseys too. The used car market is bizarre right now and new vehicles are often only a couple thousand dollars more than used. If you can afford a 2009, you can probably afford a leftover 2011 or new 2012.

All Odysseys have timing belts that need replacing at 105,000 miles. At that mileage, figure on shelling out $1,000 for the timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, etc…

I have a 2002 Odyessey with has run perfectly for 10 years, but the tranny may be starting to act up. Stay away from the pre 2004’s and you’ll be fine up to 105,000 miles.

An '09 will be about 3 years old. Miles on the odometer shouldn’t be much of a concern. A complete service history would be best. Expect to change out some fluids (trans., and brake), it might need new brakes, and tires will either be worn or recently replaced. Stay away from run flat tires.

My biggest concern would be if the vehicle had been in an accident and properly repaired. Carfax reports aren’t complete so don’t over rely on them. Even a newer used car should get a mechanic to inspect it and that inspection should look for signs of accident and body repair.

Thanks for all the helpful feedback! Any other thoughts are welcome!