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Should I buy this Odyssey?

I own a 2006 Honda Odyssey EX with 114,000 miles in very good condition. I have the opportunity to purchase a 2005 Odyssey Touring model with 57,000 miles from a dear elderly friend. He is asking for $15,000. I think I can sell mine for $10-11,000. I’m trying to decide if I should take the plunge and buy the van from him. I absolutely LOVE my Odyssey, and hadn’t even thought about replacing it until this opportunity arose. Advice?

LOL. You guys sound like the people I see put vehicles on craigslist at a full dealer’s retail price. You might say where you live because markets matter but IMO you will have a lot of trouble getting $10-11K for your van, and I know I’d never pay $15k for a 7 yr old minivan.

I suppose that doesn’t help with your question. So my answer would be, I have no idea why anyone would want to pay $15K for a 7 (8 really) yr old van. If you do it - make sure you sell yours first so you have a reality check on the used minivan market.

You are getting a one year older van with 50K less miles. Not sure I see a good reason to change? You know the van you have. Even with less miles the other van is “unknown” as far as you are concerned. Both these vans have issues with auto transmission failure so if you have changed your tranny fluids (with Honda brand fluids) the other van has never had a transmission service or got a trans service with generic (Jiffy oil change type service) then your transmission is likely in better shape even with more miles.

Stick with what you have. $15K is a high price, too high.

I agree. The van with lesser miles might have more local miles, so not necessarily less wear and tear. If this was an even trade, I would take a good look at the van, otherwise, just save your money for repairs or a potential future purchase of a new car.

Keep your van and save the extra money for a potential transmission rebuild. Your engine will run forever, an extra 50K miles on your engine is nothing for this van.

The 2005 was the first year of this 3rd generation Ody. I’d rather have an 06 than an 05. The elderly man probably put a lot of in town miles on it. Going up and down through the gears is what wears out this transmission moreso than highway miles where you just stay in 4th or 5th gear. 2005 transmissions weren’t much better than the 2002-2004’s, which have had many, many problems. Most people end up needing a rebuild, like my 2002 Ody.

Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone. Thinking I’m just going to keep the Odyssey I know and love.