Used AWD - moving to hawaii


I’m moving to Hawaii and am looking to find a good used AWD/4WD with the best fuel economy for under $4,000. Does such a creature exist?
What should I expect milage-wise for such a price?
I don’t care about looks just reliability and the ability to hold two adults and two young children.



$4000 reliable awd vehicles are hard to find. At that price range the vehicle is going to be 15+ years old and have well over 200k miles.

Set your sights lower. Do you really need AWD?? How about a smaller vehicle??

You’re moving to Hawaii?
Why do you need a 4wd vehicle?

Also, you are probably better off looking on for used vehicles THERE in your price range.
Somehow, with as expensive as Hawaii tends to be, I think you’re going to have trouble finding a good 4WD vehicle for $4k.

Here’s one, anyway:


Suzuki grand Vitara or Chevy Geo Tracker are cheap, some what economical and reasonably reliable 4wd vehicles. Otherwise, good ground clearance and limited slip differentials in 4 cyl 2wd compact pick up trucks is another option. IMO, in Hawaii there is little need for awd. It’s either 2wd or 4wd for bad and off roading. That’s why I would recomend part time 4wd or 2wd as the cheapest approach in he above vehicles.

I have just the car fort you:

Are you paying the shipping or someone else? The car rental companies dump a lot of cars there, they don’t like shipping them back to the mainland…AWD just adds to the cost and diminishes the reliability of the vehicle. They also burn more gas and gas is VERY expensive in Hawaii…