Buying a car


Hello, I need some advise: I am looking to buy a car with 4 wheel drive (that I can also turn off), the ability to put a bike rack and a surfboard on top, that is really fuel efficient and can handle a little ruffing up (durable) and is easy to clean out. Plus, I don’t know if I should get a used car or a new car (I’ve been told positives on both). And I don’t have a ton of money, so while a Range Rover would be great…not quite. Doesn anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, my sister, dad, and I love listening in!


I would really look close to see if you need a 4x4. Pretty much any of the 4 wheel drive vehicles on the road are not the greatest on gas because of all of the extra weight. They also tend to be more expensive to purchase and maintain. I work outdoors and am an avid camper and have rarely needed 4 wheel drive, and in all of those situations I trucked in a little ATV (also 2wd by the way) to get me where I needed to go.

I would need a little more information before I would suggest a vehicle for you: price range, how many bikes. The surf board if a non-factor as they are so light you can put them on anything.

I have a 99 Ranger 2wd 4cyl, that has served me well. I payed 3k for it a few years back, no problems so far. It easily can take an ATV, a couple of bikes and camping gear with no =problems at all and gets 25+ MPG highway when fully loaded and 30+ highway when empty. I would recommend one to anyone.


We need to know a little bit about expenses. $77,000 is too much (new Range Rover), but what is OK? And why do you need 4WD? You might get away with AWD, unless you have very specific needs. Tell us what they are. Or buy a Jeep Compass or Patriot. Way less than $20,000 MSRP with real 4WD!


Back in 2003 when I was looking for a small SUV to replace my Dodge Dakota, I was looking for a Chevrolet Tracker/Suzuki Vitara 4wd. The Tracker was a body on frame with part time 4wd with a high/low range. The MPG rating was around 20/23 City Highway. I believe the last year was 2003.

I ended up getting a Chevrolet Blazer LT, since the Missus thought the Tracker was too small. I’m fairly happy with the Blazer (once I replaced all the moving parts) and plan on keeping for a few more years, but it is not the most economical vehicle. A coworker just traded a 2001 Vitara on a Hyundai Santa Fe and it was still in great shape with 86k miles (never offroaded though).

As a previous poster stated, a 4wd is more expensive to maintain. More parts that can wear out and more expensive to replace. Have you considered a Honda Element (AWD), not a true 4wd, but probably more reliable and less expensive to operate. Plus, you can hose out the interior.

Ed B.