4WD vehicle

Is it possible to buy a new 4WD vehicle for under $27,000? What are typical choices?

Most trucks and SUVs fit the criteria.

I strongly suggest that you pick up a copy of the Consumer Reports New Car Buyers Guide, as it features specifications, pricing info., capsule test results, and reliability ratings on every new passenger vehicle model sold in the US. This publication separates vehicles by category, and this makes for easy comparison of the models within each category.

Do you want a true 4wd for offroading or AWD (all wheel drive) which are more suited towards on-road driving? What vehicle type are you thinking? SUV, pickup, car?

Most trucks and SUVs fit the criteria.

You talking about a SMALL SUV…Only mid-size SUV’s I found at that price range are the X-Terra, FX or the Kia and Hyundia. From my research MOST 4wd SUV’s are over $30k…with a good number over $40k.

4wd Ford Escape starts at around $24k with a 4cyl engine. However, EVERY car company is looking to move vehicles, so it’s possible to get a $30k+ vehicle for under $27k with incentives, rebates and a bit of negotiating prowess.

RAV4 4cyl basic and limited are under 27,000.

Any pickup available has at least one model available for less than $27,000 MSRP.

It all depends what the poster means by 4wd. The RAV4 has a overgrown traction control system they call “AWD”.

Thanks for your replies ~ they were helpful. Yes, I am looking for an AWD, not necessarily 4WD for off-road.

OK, do you want an AWD car or SUV? A Suzuki SX4 could be a good, inexpensive choice. It has GPS Navigation standard as well.

Interesting. I hadn’t even considered a Suzuki. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a car or an SUV… price and drivability in the snows of Minnesota are what matter most.

Suzuki is an interesting choice. It is really a rebdaged FIAT(not sure of name) but rented one near a ski area in France. It is a small car.

The other choice I would seriously consider for snow driving is a Subaru Outback wagon or Subaru Legacy Sedan or Forester. Both can be had for starting at $19k-20K for base model and is in a different stratosphere for comfort vs a Suzuki or Subaru Impreza(although excellent for small car).